Being raised in a rural city in Poland didn't seize me from possessing a handful of dreams and aspirations. Ever since I was very young I knew I was going to be an artist, however becoming a successful one took a lot of hard work and time.
At first I wasn’t sure which route to decide on. I started off with very hands on art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, fascinated me. Except, as I became older I realized I have a keen eye for capturing moments. Eventually I decided to replace my paint brush and pencil with a camera, to try out something fresh. It occurred to me that photography is my true passion.
Picking up that camera was like love at first sight. I undoubtedly adore the whole process. My new canvas is photoshop. It is inevitable that I would not want to be anywhere but here, capturing your memories. Helping you document your story. It is my pleasure to work with all my clients, and I hope that the pictures I bring them help save precious moments. Moments that occur only once in a lifetime.